13 November 2014


For those who may not know what the hell i'm talking about MASUM is actually Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia.

So for this year, it held in UMT (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu). What should i said, this is a great experience even though this is for the first time am taking part on this MASUM in Hockey obviously. Haha. 

I cant stop myself from hockey. I just don't know why. Maybe because of the 5 years of trains in my secondary school, STF and i love the bonding between each of us, my team mates.

So to cut the craps, unluckily UTHM was in a Group A with UPM, UITM & UM. UPM and UITM such a tough Uni compared to us because they have a player of Malaysia and SUKMA. We were so tense because we know they played very well with skills and have a good passing, stopping, dribbling, hitting, reversing and stamina. But whatever it is, we have done the best for UTHM. Some of sports centre staff who are watching us, they must know we have tried the best to defend our goal but as i said they are not in the same level with us & we will never give up because some people said, great things take time. 

After we have finished all our games, we tend to a short visits at Kuala Terengganu, Payang market, Batu Burok beach, Kg Cina and luckily to the Aidijuma boutique for taking the free scarfs. Hahaha. 

Batu Burok beach

Payang Market

 Mural arts of Kg Cina

Till we meet again, Kuala Terengganu :)
Thank You MASUM2014 for the great experience.


  1. weh seronoknya! sini takde geng basket pun

    1. alololo chika. nanti carik geng basket pastu main balik okay.

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