15 November 2012

save the ball !

Selalu orang sibuk buat campaign save the earth, but today the title is save the ball. Tapi aku bukan nak buat campaign okayyy. This is reality. Naaah enjoying the video.

Dah puas tengok? Haaaa ni actually video after our last game. Konon stress sebab tak dapat masuk final. Haha. Very poyo. Tapi very enjoy. Ahhh pedulikan ayat aku yg macam keling ni XD.

K ni group futsal main under KMNS je kot. Saje having fun. Thanks teammates for the great job. And for the cooperation. Yana as a captain, mira, neddy, tyyy, afa, seha and me ofc. Ohh not forgetting our manager Bell, and coach Qiller, assistant coach Fari. Kemain siap ade manager dgn coach bagai. Haha.

Haaa ni semua budak aras aku. C3T2WA. Yo girls. Hiks. Ok bye. Btw Salam Maal Hijrah everyone. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Haha. Tak pasal.

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