10 February 2013

Yo Yo Yo Yogurt XD

Assalamualaikum (:

So seperti yang dijanjikan, i wanna share my product promotion which is Yogurt. Jyeahhh. I loike. Hihi.

K malas nak type, just look at this.

and you will luckily got free this cutey spoon for the regular customer, haha.

So ni je yang dapat tunjuk. Nak upload video tapi lembab sangat. So its okay. Lagipun, just for fun. 

After this, am going to make a presentation about legoland but not with Madam Zaimah but my old lecturer Madam Oh. Pray for me at my presentation. Hopefully, i can speak out loud smoothly and not tergagap in front of my classmates. 

Btw, Happy Chineese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Chai to my beloved Maths Lecturer, Mr. John. Haha. I you read this, am gonna die i tell you. Haha (:
Till here. Wslm. 

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