19 April 2014

Happy Birthday Bestfriend :)

KMNS , 2012/2013

Thank You for being my best friend through thick and thin,
Thank You for teaching me chemistry for our final exam,
(eventhough time tu hujan, guruh, petir kt OSC)
Thank You for giving me such an encouraged to study,
(Ingat tak kau selalu ajak aku pergi unit especially Physics, hehe)
Thank You for lend me your ears as i always story about him,
(Kau tau kan sapa 'him' tu, haha)
Thank You for the advice that you never give up to support me,
(Time result sem1, aku dah nak nangis dah kot time tu)
Thank You for celebrating my birthday with classmates,
Thank You for the joy and happiness,
Thank You for the time that we had spent together,

Thank you for everything my dear. I may not write everything here but there is more than this you had help me. Too many to list out. 

And the latest,

Thank You for the very sweet video on my birthday. Seriously, i feel so touched and speechless.


Here it is,
Happpppyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyy bestfriend :) May Allah bless you and cherish you with joy and happiness. Stay pretty and stay strong. Enjoy your day and lets join to 20's club. Haha. ohh I am really sorry for not spent my time with you guys because i have so many assignments, presentation and test next week. So, I have to be prepared. Sorry again :3

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